Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Boryeong Mud Festival (July 2011) (Posting old drafts)

Tokyo - Summer Vacation 2011 (Posting old drafts)

Time to catch up...the rest of my time in the ROK! (March2012-March 2014)

So I took a break, a loooooong one, from blogging.  I got caught up in life, I guess.  My last real update was way back in March 2012, almost 2.5 years ago.  Time to fix that and play catch up.   So here's what happened during the rest of my time in the ROK since March 2012.  I'll try to just stick with the highlights...

I accidentally fell in love.  Unfortunately, the relationship only last for 9 months, but I had a great time.  We met the end of March 2012.  After the breakup, I made a couple of besties.  Worked out much better in the long run.

Cheongdo bull fighting festival.  Only the bulls fight each other.  (April 2012)

SantaCon Seoul  (December 2012)

World Baseball Classic in Tokyo with one of my besties, Mel (she LOVES baseball and I LOVE Tokyo).  (March 2013)

My friends and I went paragliding in Boryeong  (March 2013)

Seoul Jazz Festival at Olympic Park.  We saw Damien Rice, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Kings of Convenience...  (May 2013)

Hiked Mt Fuji  (July 2013)

Takahata & Miyazaki Animation Exhibit.  I went on a Miyazaki film craze following this exhibit.  The artwork on display was incredible.  (August 2013)

My Asus laptop decided to die and me.  As a result, I upgraded and invested in a 13" MacBook Air.  Birthday present to myself.  (November 2013)

Seoul Lantern Festival  (November 2013)

SantaCon Seoul  (December 2013)

 Winter Vacation 2013 - Thailand

 Winter Vacation 2013 - Thailand.  My friends and I decided to rent scooters on Koh Phangan where I had two, not one, accidents...  This picture above shows the result of my first accident.  The second accident was MUCH worse.
Winter Vacation 2013 - Hong Kong
Winter Vacation 2013 - Hong Kong

Last ladies' wine night in Seoul at Braii Republic  (January 2014)

Sticker photos with another bestie I made in the ROK, Steph  (February 2014)

Saying goodbye to my bro, Woody, before he leaves the ROK  (March 2014)

A delicious goodbye galbi meal with Steph  (March 2014)

My last weekend in the ROK  (March 2014)

My last meal in the ROK, at Incheon Intl Airport, before going on my grand adventure  (March 2014)