Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jindo Island Trip - March 18-20, 2011

The Seoul Hiking Group boarded the buses in Seoul at around midnight on Friday for a fun-filled weekend of hiking, drinking, Jindo dogs, and a sea-parting festival.  Jindo Island is the third largest island off the southwestern tip of South Korea.  We were told that the festival was canceled due to the recent foot-and-mouth epidemic.  But as you can see, with the pictures I have provided, that was not the case.

Our room for two nights...not very comfortable.
We had amazing views.

Ganggansuwolrae - traditional circle dance
Samulnori - farmer's percussion music
Arirang - traditional folk song

The Korean Jindo dog originated from Jindo Island and is a hunting dog which is extremely loyal and brave.

Korean Jindo Dog.

I wanted to take this puppy home with me!


He said it was salty...go figure.

The Jindo Island Crew.

Our group started a little late and we only made it about half way.  The tide was coming in so we had to turn back =(

We sampled some delicious food sold by the festival vendors.
Stuffed squid.  Yummy!

There weren't any bars or clubs to go to, but there were street vendors, the beach, and a room full of blankets.  We definitely made the most of it.

Blanket war!

Welcome to Ullimsambang, once home to a famous artist named Heo Yu.  

This is the headquarters where special troops of the Goryo Dynasty resisted the Mongolian invasion during 1270-1271.


If you can't tell by now...I enjoy taking/providing a lot of pictures.  =)